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Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive

Frequency inverter for saving energy
The new efficiency requirements have increased the demand of equipment
dedicated to reduce the energy consumption to optimize the
management of the facilities and increase the savings.
When choosing a pool pump it is essential to know the water volume
to be treated per hour and, calculate the pressure drop of the installation.
Once we know the needs of the installation we will choose the
corresponding pump taking into account is characteristics, flow curve,
performance curve, consumption curve.
Generally pool installations take and return the water at the same
level, therefore the power the pump must deliver is the needed to
overcome the pressure drop due to the filter and other elements in the
installation and its length and design. Therefore the manometric water
height in this type of installations is low.
The pumps of PSH-Pools are specifically designed for swimming pool
installations, where the elevation is zero and the aim is to obtain the
maximum flow rate.
The variable frequency drive of PSH-Pools, is also specifically designed
to be used for the swimming pool and, allows energy savings in 3
different manners.
1. Flow adjustment. Even when we make a very precise Choice of our
pool pump, its curve will rarely comply exactly with the needs of our
installation. Normally you will have a flow rate excess. Using the
variable frequency drive you can regulate the speed at which the pump
operates, causing slight changes in its flow curve, this way obtaining
the exact flow per day needed.
2. Reactive. The usage of variable frequency drives eliminates the
reactive energy generated by the motor of the pump. This eliminates
the costs of this reactive energy in your electricity bill.
3. Optimization of your electricity contract. Today many electricity
contracts made with the suppliers have time frames for their prices.
Peak time, basic time and off peak time. Our variable frequency drive
comes with 2 timers for time control, therefore you can establish:
a. A slow working speed, during peak hours, time during
which you ensure a minimum flow rate for the correct functioning of
the filter, and disinfection Systems; dozing pumps, salt chlorinators,
ozone systems, and other equipment in the installation.
b. A high working speed, during the low time period, during
which the pump Works at its maximum capacity when the electricity
cost is cheaper.
The variable frequency drive of PSH, is specially adapted to serve a
swimming pool, in our installations there are no stops & starts to be
modulated and, there is no need to change the working Speedy of the
pump to the flow demand of the installation as the demand is
constant. The PSH unit ensures that the pump works with the
maximum electricity consumption during the period of the day with the
lowest rate, guaranteeing the total requested daily flow.
PSH has variable frequency drives for pumps from 2.2 kW to 37,5kW
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