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Pumps for domestic pools


Self-priming centrifugal pump 4m.
ND.1 is the most veteran model of Bombas PSH  with over 30 years of existence.
The wide range of this series is able to achieve optimal performances up to 1,5 kW.
Made of high-strength materials, the ND.1
is designed to bring to your pool installation a high degree of reliability.
. Self-priming up to 4mwh
. Thermal protector incorporated in single-phase version
. High quality mechanical seal
. Transparent lid with simple handling for easy maintenance
. High capacity pre-filter basket with handle incorporated to the pump housing
. Diffuser with special protection against damage from dry running
. Waterproof: IP55
. Motor: 3,000 RPM
. Available at 50Hz and 60Hz
Pump housing: PP 30% GF.
Impeller and Diffuser: Noryl +30% fiber glass
Pre-filter basket: Polypropylene.
Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 316.
Mechanical Seal: Carbon + Resin - Ceramics.
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