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Pumps for domestic pools


Self-priming centrifugal pump 4m.
The Mini is certainly the PSH best seller, designed for recirculation of pool water and SPA-s. Its great self-suction power makes Mini.2 the most suitable for use with  filtration equipment and  pool cleaners.
.Self-priming up to 4mwh
. Suitable for operation with salt and sea water
.Thermal protector incorporated in single-phase version
. Includes 1.5m cable in single-phase version
. High quality mechanical seal
. Transparent lid with simple handling for easy maintenance of the pump
. Pre-filter basket incorporated to the pump housing
. Diffuser with special protection against damage from dry running
. Insulation Class: F
. Waterproof: IP55
. Motor: 3.000 RPM
.Specially suitable for filtration equipment and pool cleaners
. More than 500.000 units installed worldwide
. Available at 50Hz and 60Hz
Pump housing: PP 30% GF.
Impeller and Diffuser: Noryl +30% fiber glass
Pre-filter basket: Polypropylene.
Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 416.
Mechanical Seal: Carbon + Resin - Ceramics.
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