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Commercial pool pumps
FDN-1.500 r.p.m.

FDN-1.500 r.p.m.

Mixed flow centrifugal pumps for filtration applications in public pools or large transfers of large flows in general.
FDN-H is a pool pump, specially designed for public pools, competition and SPA.
Its design makes it a particularly quiet pump, ideal for use in large pools.
All parts in contact with water are treated by long lasting cataphoresis. This treatment prevents the formation of troublesome oxides of cast iron pumps as the paint through the strong joining with all iron molecules located on the surface of the workpiece.
The cataphoresis significantly prolongs the life of cast iron and is one of the best anti - corrosive   and anti-rust treatments existing on the market nowadays.
High efficiency motor Type IE2 / IE3 according to EU standard 640/2009
Special anti - rust and anti -corrosion long term treatment by cataphoresis
Standard motor shaft which makes it compatible with any manufacturer's engine worldwide
Especially silent
Improved filtration capacity
Robust and endurable
Suitable for operation with salt water and sea water ( bronze version only )
Waterproof: IP55
High quality mechanical seal
Independent prefilter allowing to use the pump without prefilter or couple it to other types of prefilters
Prefilter with large volume and stainless steel basket with easy access for cleaning
Flow rate: up to 240 m3 / h
Power rate: from 1,5 kW to 11,3 kW
Voltage: 230/400 or 400/700V
Motor : 1450 RPM
Available at 50Hz and 60Hz

Pump housing : Cast iron 
Impeller: Cast iron or bronze ( on demand ).
Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 316.
Mechanical Seal: Carbon + Resin - Ceramics.
Prefilter basket : AISI 304.
Screws : Stainless steel AISI 316
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