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Commercial pool pumps

F-Great Giant-N

F-Great Giant-N

GREAT GIANT is a 1500 rpm. pump in plastic for commercial swimming pools

Great Giant is the first high flow pump at 1500 RPM with plastic pump housing with logarithmic volute shape - PSH Pools´s exclusive design .
Thanks to the shape of the pump body and the low porosity of the materials used , this pump offers some of the highest performances on the market.
Great Giant FN is suitable for working with sea and salt water and is the perfect alternative to the expensive bronze or stainless steel materials , traditionally used for this type of water .
Its design makes this pump particularly quiet, ideal for use in large pools .
 High hydraulic efficiency
 High efficiency motor Type IE2 / IE3 according to EU standard 640/2009
Standard motor shaft which makes it compatible with any manufacturer's engine worldwide
Suitable for all types of water
 High quality mechanical seal
 Extraordinary durability of the materials -
thanks to the 9mm uniform wall thickness
 A large volume pre-filter and a transparent lid with easy access for cleaning
 Independent prefilter allowing to use the pump without prefilter or couple it to other types of prefilters
 Especially Silent
 Improved filtration capacity
 Waterproof: IP55
 Flow rate: up to 245 m3 / h
 Power rate: from 3 kW to 11.3 kW
  Voltage: 230/400 or 400/700V
 Motor : 1450 RPM
Available at 50Hz and 60Hz
Very versatile thanks to its lightness
 Important energy savings
 Ecological and sustainable
Fully removable and recyclable
 To make the transport easer is delivered in two separate packages - pump + coupling kit and prefilter
Pump Housing : PP 30 % GF
Impeller: Bronze marine with patented sealing ring
Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 316.
Mechanical Seal: Carbon + Resin - Ceramics.
Screws : Stainless steel AISI 316
Prefilter : High capacity. PP
Prefilter cover : Transparent - Polypropilene
Prefilter basket : PP

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F-Great Giant-N


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